So...writing and how L.A. Frederick got into it.


He always enjoyed books and vividly remembers reading Fantastic Mr Fox and other Roald Dahl books with great enthusiasm. Once a little older, he recalls reading the Deptford Mice trilogy by Robin Jarvis and being thoroughly terrified of sewers, rats and eventually fat cats! This was his first taste of horror, albeit young adult, in the written realm.


At Sixth form he studied media, keeping an avid interest in books. Aged 17, he wrote a full-length script. He entered it into some long forgotten competition, getting passed the first round and no further. It's in a drawer somewhere. He says it was terrible.


At University, he found his feet a little, taking modules in scriptwriting with more success. He believes he got 1sts in all of those modules, he's not checking- 'don't want to burst the bubble!' "Ignorance is bliss", a superb quote from The Matrix.


Then a blip, a few years out of University where he really didn't write anything. Sure he had ideas, as we all do, he just didn't action them. Cut to 2013, when he started writing The Rain.


It's taken a long time (Babies and houses slow things down!) but it's finally here. He hopes you enjoy reading it as much as he did writing it and hopefully there'll be more to come in his fledgeling writing career...

Even if he feels like he's dangling over the edge at times...       © 2017 by L.A. Frederick.

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