• lafrederick

Procrastination Station!

As I write, this nonsensical blog article, I am quite literally putting off various other tasks that are far more important than this articles existence, or more importantly creation!

I try to reassure myself that many others are in the same boat. “I’ll do it in an hour. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll do it at the weekend.” so on and so forth. Life is simply too busy and washes over everyone, social media and Netflix don’t help either! (Although I do class Netflix as research, unless it’s Home Alone for the 50th time! “Kevin I’m going to feed you to my tarantula!” classic.)

Again, I reassure myself that many budding authors like myself are juggling work commitments, family commitments, social commitments, sports commitments, DIY commitments, commitments to commit, committing to commitments etc. etc.

It’s a long list of commitments! And squeezing writing, editing and marketing into them is tricky at the best of times.

I once read someone say, not sure who, that if the desire to not do the writing, the editing or the marketing is greater than the desire to do the tasks then you should probably quite there and then. I suppose, harsh, as it is, that’s true. Perhaps that’s a bit brutal but the essence is right, find a way to do it or stop wasting what precious little free time you have on bumbling through a book.

And that was how I stumbled on the motivation to write this little blog article today. It’s been a hectic day, sick toddler and therefore no nursery and juggling work commitments and parenting commitments all but swallowed up any time today. However, I got to this evening and knew I hadn’t done a shred of work on my own personal projects. It happens sometimes, life happens.

But that said getting down in front of the screen and firing out some words is really helping. It serves the purpose of ticking my blog over and serves the purpose of ticking my writing mind over. Although the grammar will be off! My grammar is always off! If the grammar police were around I’d be serving a life sentence or two in some dark corner!

I’m a list writer. On word docs, iPhones, iPads, and iEverything. On all sorts of scraps of paper- organised chaos I assure you! Basically my mind runs a mile a minute and my typing brain is way back at the house still hitting the snooze button; just nine more minutes I promise.

The lists do help though, as from time to time I get back to a scrap of paper or a word doc and fire half a dozen things off and take a few steps forward. It’s my method, it certainly won’t work for everyone or anyone with a sense of organisation but it keeps me going.

So, in summary, don’t worry if life gets in the way for a few weeks. Keep your writing mind, or whatever mind your turning your hand to, and be prepared to dive in fully when the time is right.

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