WHAT I'M READING and watching

Dmitry Glukhovsky - Metro 2033

I'm halfway through book one as I write this and man it's heavy going, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm finding myself going back to the map on the inside cover to track the route the lead character Artyom is taking. The niggling sense of dread lurking within the Russian underground's tunnels is brilliantly played out. I think that's why I'm finding it such a dense read; read on with caution. The description of the claustrophobic underground world is stunningly morbid, and I cannot wait to see how this one pans out. Check it out here. 

Brian K. Vaughan - Saga Vol 1. - Vol. 4

I've consumed the first four volumes in the series in rapid time. I'm now waiting on Amazon to fire out the next few in the post. This series is nuts, utterly nuts. The visuals within these graphic novels are strange, to say the least, some things you cannot unsee *SPOILER ALERT* giants with massive balls, spider women and men...well...uh hum...you get the gist. I kid you not. The weaving storyline is a romance, of all things, held together and narrated by an infant. If you like mad, unique sci-fi then dive into this one wholeheartedly, it'll stay with you forever. Check it out here.

The Man In The High Castle Based on the Philip K Dick book of the same name this series was a slow burner. Another item of my reading and watching list with a quiet, lingering sense of dread. I've finished season one and will move onto season two mostly through curiosity as I wasn't satisfied with the ending of season one. There just wasn't a big, all singing all dancing finale that I expected. Very much an anti-climax, which was a shame as I thought the series was building up nicely. Still worth a watch as it's a hugely creative idea and the cinematography is top notch. Check it out here.

What are you guys reading and watching? I love recommendations.